Electrical Panels - Elite Series

ES-1 DC Master Panel


  • Analog DC volt and ammeter, back illuminated with dimmer
  • 12 volt standard, 24 volt optional
  • 4 battery bank test switch.
  • DC master breaker (100 Amp standard; 50 or 75 amp optional)
  • 22 branch circuit capacity, 20 installed standard; 3-5A, 5-10A, 6-15A,
    6-20A or specify
  • Size: 10"; W X 15" H X 4" D
  • Weight: 8 lbs., (3.6 Kg.)

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Newmar DC Power Onboard Marine Electrical Control Panel, Elite Series, model ES-1

ES-6 DC Load Center


  • Accommodates one analog meter. DC 0-50A ammeter standard or 12 or 24 volts optional
  • Master breaker, single pole, 75 amp standard; 50 or 100 amp optional, single pole
  • 10 branch circuit capacity, 8 installed standard: 1-5A, 2-10A, 4-15A, 1- 20A
  • Size: 5.25" W X 15" H X 4" D


Because of their exact height match and style compatibility, the panels below are ideal companions for expanding circuit capacity of the ES-1 or ES-5, or they may be used as stand-alone load centers.

ES-7 AC or DC Accessory Panel


  • AC (120/240V) or DC (12/24V) master breaker (double pole AC 50 amp* standard, 30 amp optional, or DC 100 single pole amp standard; 50 or 75 amp optional
  • 16 branch circuit capacity, 12 installed standard: ES-7A: 2-10A, 5-15A, 5-20A ES-7D: 2-5A, 3-10A, 5-15A, 2-20A
  • Size: 5.25" W x 15" H x 4" D
  • Weight: 7 lbs., (3.2 Kg.)
    * Note 50 amp master OK for use on 230 VAC line-to-line systems. For 230 VAC line-to-neutral systems 30 amp is maximum master breaker value.

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AC-DC Master Combined Control Panels

  • Locating all AC and DC functions on one panel provides a vessel with a central load distribution
    and monitoring center.
  • Complete metering of voltage and current on AC and DC systems. Back-lit analog meters
  • AC master breaker(s) with reverse polarity warning light.
  • Power "on" indicator lights on all circuits.
  • Four battery bank voltage test switch
  • Deluxe label set (LS-III) included, 206 functions
  • 115 VAC standard/230 VAC optional 12 VDC standard/24 VDC optional

ES-3 Compact AC/DC Load Center

6 AC and 16 DC Breaker Capacity

Size: 13.7" W X 10" H X 4" D

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es 3r


Large 3-1/2" scale meters and an ample circuit breaker capacity makes this the panel of choice for boats in the 35'-45' range.

8 AC and 20 DC Breaker Capacity

Size: 7" W X 12" H X 4" D

Option: For vessels with an onboard generator, the panel may be fitted with a 7.5 or 15 kW ship-shore AC source selector switch. Specify ES-4SS option when ordering.

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Has large DC circuit capacity and AC section including two load groups and a source selector switch for two shore power lines and a 15kW generator. Pre-heat and start-stop controls are standard. Additional system capacity can be obtained by incorporating model ES-6, ES-7 or ES-8.

20 AC and 24 DC Breaker Capacity

Size: 20" W x 15" H x 6" D

Additional Specs Below

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Installation Dimensions

Model Panel Size Cut Out
(W x H) Inches (W x H) Centimeters (W x H) Inches (W x H) Centimeters
ES-1 10 x 15 25.4 x 38.1 14 X 9 35.6 X 22.9
ES-3 13.7 x 10 34.8 x 25.4 8.8 X 13 22.4 X 33
ES-4 17 x 12 43.2 x 30.5 10.8 X 16.8 27.4 X 42.7
ES-5 20 x 15 50.8 x 38.1 13 X 19 33 X 48.3
ES-6D 5.25 x 15 13.3 x 38.1 13 X 4.5 33 X 11.4
ES-7A & 7D 5.25 x 15 13.3 x 38.1 13.8 X 4 35.1 X 10.2
Model DC Circuits AC Circuits
ES-1 100A master plus 22 single pole breaker
capacity, 20 installed standard, 3-5A, 5-10A, 6-15A, 6-20A
ES-3 16 Breaker capacity, 12 Installed standard;
2-5A, 3-10A, 4-15A, 3-20A or specify
30 amp master standard 50 amp optional, plus 6 S.P. branch capacity, 5 installed standard; 1-10A, 15A, 2-20A or specify
ES-4 20 Breaker capacity, 16 Installed standard; 3-5A, 3-10A, 5-15A, 5-20A or specify 50 amp master standard plus 8S.P. branch capacity, 6 installed standard; 1-10A, 3-15A, 2-20A or specify
ES-4SS Same as above with 7.5 kW, three position
(Shore-Off-Gen) ship shore selector
switch installed. Special Order Only.
ES-5 Master plus 24 breaker capacity, 20 installed standard; 3-5A, 4-10A, 7-15A, 6-20A or specify Two load groups each consisting of: Master breaker (D.P.) 50 amp* standard plus 10 S.P. branch capacity, 8 installed standard; 2-10A, 3-15A, 3-20A or specify
ES-6D 75A master plus 10 single pole breaker
capacity, 8 installed standard, 1-5A, 2-10A, 4-15A, 1-20A
ES-7A 50A double pole master plus 16 single pole breaker capacity, 12 installed standard, 2-10A, 5-15A, 5-20A
ES-7D 100A master plus 16 single pole breaker capacity, 12 installed standard, 2-5A, 3-10A, 5-15A, 2-20A



Standard voltmeters are for 12 VDC or 115 VAC applications. (Ammeter range depends on master breaker value.) Voltmeters can be installed for 24 VDC or 230 VAC applications. Contact the factory for a complete list of metering options

Alternate Circuit Breaker Configurations:

To change circuit breaker value mix or location, advise us the breaker arrangement. (Order forms listing all options are available online - see "Download PDF Order form" link below each product description.) Allow 3-5 days additional lead time to complete the modification.

Note: There is a modification fee for special configurations - contact factory