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DC UPS: MDP-25.0

Newmar DC Power Onboard, marine DC UPS, 12V DC, 25 Amps, MDP-25.0

Mobile DC UPS

Mobile Data Power System provides DC Back Up Power

The Mobile Data Power, model MDP-25.0, is a DC UPS that solves the common problem of lengthy reboot sequences, system crash, data and hard drive corruption in electronics and mobile computers due to a low voltage and loss of power as a result of intermittent or poor vehicle battery condition.

Utilizing a high speed sensor circuit, when primary vehicle voltage drops below a critical point, the internal 9AH battery is switched on-line in milli-seconds, assuring no interruption to the powered device(s). The MDP-25.0 has an internal 3 step, temperature compensated charger that maintains its reserve battery at full charge, ready to go on-line when a fault or degradation of primary vehicle battery occurs. This functionality assures continued operation of mobile computers under a variety of adverse vehicle battery conditions.

Housed in a rugged aluminum case and heavy duty mounting plate, the unit is designed for installation in work boats, live-aboards, military vessels and other marine craft that require a steady source of voltage for mobile computers, work stations, and electronics.

Download Data Sheet (PDF)


Mobile Data Power, MDP-25.0 Manual (PDF)

Protects mobile computers against system crash, lengthy reboot sequences, and loss of data due to:

  • Voltage dip during engine cranking
  • Voltage drop and decay due to loading high power accessories, and aging batteries
  • Voltage loss due to cycling of master disconnect switch and battery failure.

Provides supplemental voltage in milli-seconds to mobile data devices when low vehicle battery is sensed.

  • Immediately augments power to electronics when needed and fully powers electronics if critical low voltage condition persists.

Optional timed load disconnect feature (TMR)

Built-in Multi-Stage filter provides clean power required by mobile electronics

  • Eliminates noise and interference
  • Transient protection prevents damage to sensitive circuitry due to voltage spikes

Provides output warning signals to mobile computers (such as Motorola® MW 800 series work stations)

  • Initiates low voltage shut down sequence in mobile computer, protecting data and hard drive.
  • Alerts when system is operating on battery back-up

Internal 3 stage, temperature compensated charger maintains back-up battery in fully charge stand-by state.

  • Provides isolated power source, 12 volts @ 5 amps for 60 minutes, 10 amps for 20 minutes, 25 amps for 8 minutes
  • Battery easily accessed by front panel door

Model: MDP-25.0

Input range: 10.2V – 15.5V (start-up @ 11.5V)
Standby Current Draw: <50mA
Output: 12 VDC
Maximum Load Current: 25 amps

Battery Connect Sequences:

  • Internal battery switches online when vehicle battery voltage = 10 V ± 1 V (Vehicle battery disconnects after 3 seconds if low voltage condition persists)
  • Vehicle battery reconnects @ 11.5 V ± 1 V
  • Internal Battery Low Voltage Disconnect: < 9.6 V

Battery Specification:

  • 9 AH, sealed Lead Acid – typical life 5 years, easily replaced via front panel access door.
  • Power delivery @ > 10.2 volts @ 25°C
    • 5 amps @ 60 minutes
    • 10 amps @ 20 minutes
    • 25 amps @ 8 minutes

Output Signals for terminals (such as Motorola® 800 series work stations):

  • When imminent Voltage decay to 11.5 VDC is projected (adjustable set point)
  • On Charge/Discharge

Internal Battery Charger:

  • Charge Current: 2 amps max., three-stage (Bulk, Absorption, Float)
  • Temperature Compensated

Temperature rating:

Operating 0 – 50° C


  • Aluminum case with access door for easy removal of battery
  • Heavy duty mounting suitable for commercial vehicle use
  • Size: 5.75” H x 6” W x 8.5” D; (14.6 x 15.24 x 21.59 cm)
  • Weight: 9.4 lbs.


  • Power OK
  • Operating on Back-Up

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