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Portable Radio & Phone Covers


AQ-10L/RAQ Series Waterproof Radio Covers

When the AQ Series waterproof cover is used for protection, hand-he
ld radios can be taken anywhere without being damaged by water, dust or sand. Even total immersion will not harm the radio. These covers are certified waterproof to a depth of 33 feet.

The case is made of super-tough, UV resistant TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which is engineered with enough flexibility to facilitate easy operation of knobs and keypads. Transparent design allows easy reading of digital displays. Sound is virtually unimpeded and RF transmission is unaffected.

A quick release clip allows easy insertion and removal of the radio and a handy lanyard provides extra security when hands are wet. But if the radio falls into deep water, no problem! Safely inside the AQ case, it will float!

A new model, the AQ-PRO is designed for public safety professionals, life guards, and mountain rescue teams. A 3-way harness is provided for convenient and comfortable radio front pack. Antenna portion is case doubles as convenient emergency grab and carry handle.


AQ-10L/R: For compact hand-held radios. Reversible design accommodates both left and right hand antennas

AQ-20L/R: For standard size hand-helds. Reversible design accommodates both left and right
hand antennas

AQ-PRO: For public safety use, front pack
harness provided, accommodates both left and right hand antennas



Dimension in Inches 229 Lifestyle

Model A B C Weight
AQ-10L/R 13.3” 7” 7.6” 1 Lb.
AQ-20L/R 15.7” 8.7” 8.7” 1 Lb.
AQ-PRO 4.87” 7.2’ 8.5” 1 Lb.

A = Overall height of radio/phone with antenna extended
B = Height of radio/phone body
C = Circumference of radio/phone

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Smart Phone CoversSP-Covers

Protect your valuable smart phone from the elements. Talk and listen right thru the case, cameras and touch screens remain fully operational.

Model Phone Model Phone Case Size
High Circumference
SP-108 iPhone 5 5.5” 6”
SP-348 Samsung 6” 8”