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Phone-Com Systems


The Phone-Com intercom system provides direct, wired, point-to-point communication. Voice
contact to any phone in the system is as easy as lifting the receiver and pressing the call button. Phone-Com operates on 12 VDC. They are constructed of high-impact plastic and are available in either bright white or traditional black. Bulkhead mounting bracket is provided. Two versions are available:

PI-2: Designed for communication between only two points. A single call button sounds a buzzer and illuminates an indicator lamp on the companion phone. Available singly or as a set with 40’ of interconnect wire, fuse, terminal lugs and mounting hardware.

PI-10: For multiple station calling capability. Up to 10 phones may be interconnected, and each phone has 10 call buttons. Sold individually.

Phone-Com Wiring: Color-coded multi-conductor interconnect wire (22 AWG) is available from NEWMAR at any length desired with 5, 10 or 15 conductors. For PI-2, use 5 conductor wire. For PI-10, add 3 to the total number of stations to determine minimum number of conductors required.

Note: Phones are not waterproof and should be installed in a protected location.

PI-2: Two station phone with single call button; sold individually; 2 lbs. (Specify White or Black when ordering)

PI-2 SET: Two station phone set, 40’ interconnect wire, fuse, lugs, mounting hardware; 5 lbs. (Specify White or Black when ordering)

PI-10: Multi-station phone with 10 call buttons, sold individually; 2 lbs. (Specify White or Black when ordering)

22 AWG Wire: 5, 10 or 15 conductor; sold per foot.

BUZZER: Optional external buzzer for use in high-noise areas

Wiring Diagram