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Waterproof Fittings Thru-Dex® Series

RA Series Right Angle Waterproof

Feed-Thru Fittings

Route cables at 90° through vertical and horizontal surfaces with wall hugging low profile design that keeps cable secured close to the surface reducing intrusion with personnel or other equipment/cables.

Molded of nylon, the sculpted shape has no sharp edges and provides smooth 90° radius feed-thru bend in cables without kinks.

Easy installation: slide silicone compression rings on cable, mount base piece with waterproof gasket then attach sealing end cap to create an IP 65 waterproof seal. Note cable must be routed without end connector attached.

Three models to accommodate wide range of cable diameters.

Model Cable Diameter Range (Inches) Dimensions (Inches)
RA-1 0.1 – 0.25 2.17 x 1.65 x 0.63
RA-2 0.27 – 0.35 3.23 x 2.44 x 0.95
RA-3 0.39 – 0.47 3.23 x 2.44 x 0.95

CCX Series Waterproof Feed-Thru FittingsCCX

The entry hole is pre-drilled in seal with slit edge allowing feed through of cable with factory installed connector attached; multiple glands cover a wide range of cable sizes. One CCX fitting is required for each cable.

  • Create a 100%waterproof seal when routing cables through decks and bulkheads
  • Entry hole predrilled in seal with slit to edge
  • Allowing installation/removal with connector still attached
  • Rugged weatherproof nylon housing with neoprene seal
Model Cable Diameter Range Max Connector Diameter
CCX-R .47″-.59″ 1.57″
CCX-S .35″-.55″ .83″
CCX-T .18″-.35″ .83″


DX2DX Series Feed-Thru Waterproof Fittings

Provided with solid neoprene cable gland, installer drills holes and slits as required to
accommodate cable with or without factory installed connector. Multiple cables may be passed through a single fitting.

  • Similar to CCX Series except installer drills holes in seal to accommodate cable(s)
  • Multiple cables may be routed through a single fitting
Model Drill-Thru Aperture Max. Connector Diameter
DX-2 1.2” 1.2”
DX-3 1.65” 1.65”
DX-5* 2.0” 2.0”
*Aluminum Housing

dx 2           dx1